Apl. Professor Dr. Dr. Ina Wunn

Evolution of Religion / Religious Studies

...as an interdisciplinary field situated between the Humanities and Sciences focuses primarily on the study of religious behaviour from the persepctive of evolution theory.

These approaches carry tangible results due to their interrelationship with the reconstruction of pre-historical religions and fundamentally with the question of the origin of religions; in this context, methodologies for reconstructional historical research are developed with the concerted inclusion of neurobiological and behavioural analyses as well as studies in art history and sociology. (Prehistoric religion, ethology of religion)

Further focal points are the development processes of contemporary Islam in Europe and especially Germany, as a consequence of this religion’s acclimatisation to a new social and political environment; in the sense of evolutionary modelling, such a process must fittingly be referred to as a process of adaptation. (Islam in Germany)
In this context, the subject area religion and health with a focus on Muslim patients demonstrates the sociopolitical relevance of research in the field of religious studies. (Muslim patients)